introvert tips and a beach

Travel can be a time to relax or a whirlwind of stress. And who wants a stressful vacation?! The next time you plan your vacation consider these tips by 14 of your fellow introverts.

“If you would rather people-watch than chat with the locals, that is perfectly fine. Travel the way YOU like to travel.”
-Susan Cain from (click to tweet)

“•Never check baggage.
•If you forget/lose a charger, ask the hotel front desk. They usually have plenty that people forgot.
•Use a small, simple looking camera (as opposed to a honking DSLR)
•Use the camera in silent mode (if it has this mode) so people don’t hear you taking pictures”
Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist at (click to tweet)

“I had a blast alone in Boston. Chicago. Camping in Wisconsin exploring historical sites. I go where there is good public transportation or easy driving. I put my nose in a book when I dine alone. (I also carry mace.)”
-Ann Marie

“If you decide to participate in an organized day tour, don’t be afraid to do your own thing. You are not required to stay with them once you reach your destination. Just make sure you know where and when to meet them for the return trip.

If you book into a Bed and Breakfast anywhere in Europe or the UK, be aware you may be forced into conversation with over enthusiastic hosts. Most likely you will be staying in someone’s home. While this can be charming the first day or so, if you are on a long trip you may want to consider a more conventional hotel so you can be incognito if you want to be. I’ve found a balance of both works nice on long trips.”
-Lisa, who is creating a travel experience for introverts at

“Pack tiny. TINY. No waiting at baggage carousel, no glares because your bag is too big for overhead. You know, be invisible. Travelers are rightfully self-centered. They want to get to their destination. Be easy, be invisible.”
Arthur K McPhearson

“If you’re a highly sensitive introvert travelling, ensure you plan for your journey meticulously beforehand. Taking travel sickness pills, earplugs, spare water bottles and comfortable shoes helped me avoid a lot of mental and physical discomfort!”
-Luna from Loner Wolf

“Get up earlier than your family or friends. If you are not a morning person, you might want to use this time to discover it’s rewards as an introvert. Use this time alone for either meditation, gratitude or setting a daily intention. Anything that you find you totally enjoy. The key is to use this quiet time and space to energize before the stimulating day begins.

Take delight in listening. When I travel with my husband who is an extrovert, I get to listen more. He relishes talking with others about anything and everything.  By listening, I often find some part of his conversations to add something that I am passionate. It’s often a surprise how what started out as a small talk conversation, might take an unexpected turn to something more relevant to me. So by being our natural, listen more self, our conversational ability can sprout up.”
-Patricia Weber,

“Headphones, even without music playing, helps to keep you in your personal bubble. Audio books are even better!”
Jordan S. Lombard

“For my last trip I started with a big-time reality check. I decided this trip was supposed to be about relaxing, recharging and having fun. I knew that to do that, I had to keep my energy levels up. And I acknowledged that if that was the case, I simply wasn’t going to be able to do everything I wanted to while I was there.”
-Tanja from

“See travel as an opportunity to take a break from those parts of you that you would love to change/challenge. Be an observer of how you respond to aspects of travel that scare you. Buy a fresh notebook and fill it up with thoughts and doodles. Try new things; you’ll be home soon …”
-Andy Mort from

“The last few vacations I’ve gone on with my family have been cruises; which I’ve found are fantastic for my introverted self. The ships are huge, so there are tons of places to slip off to whenever I need solitude.”

“Take your passion away with you.

Take your yoga matt to the beach, or your drawing pad to the hills, or your camera to the Old Town and get lost. Travelling with your passion allows you to completely immerse yourself in the present experience of where you are.

When I walk with my camera, it is also perfect excuse to not interact with anyone. And, for the odd occasion when someone approaches you with genuine interest in what you are doing; for Introverts, those conversations about topics we have a passion for, emit energy.”
-Catherine from (click to tweet)

“I think it can be very easy to ‘forget’ your introversion when you are planning a trip away. In the past I’ve got so involved in the great stories and travel tales of friends and family that I’ve forgotten that a particular environment or type of holiday that suits them, may not necessarily suit me. Consequently I’ve found myself on trips with jam packed schedules and little time to ‘breathe’. Don’t forget to tailor a trip to suit you. If you need quiet alone time when you’re at home, then you’ll also need it when you’re away. Remember who you are, and give yourself what you need.”
-Kathryn Hall from

“The most Northern part of Scotland, just drive until you don’t come across any people anymore. Take care of the wild haggises, so you don’t run them over.”
Art MacLeish