Thea_introvert-about“Leave me alone” – Greta Garbo

That was what I wrote as my senior quote for my high school yearbook. At that time I hadn’t heard of the word introvert and I didn’t have the tools I needed to use my unique strengths for connecting and helping others, I just knew that I felt overwhelmed and different from everyone else.

Little did I know that I would one day run a website called Introvertology. And little did I know that the world would one day create an introvert-friendly for me to introduce myself (thank you internet).

And I would never have thought that I would love chatting to strangers about their lives, or that I would love showing up at a business and talking for an hour.

So here I am, trying to make a difference in this world by using my introverted strengths to help people make sense of their life, business, and the world.

Random Facts About Me:

  • My favorite ice cream as a child was Medieval Madness. It was a malt flavored ice cream with chocolate malt swirl and Three Musketeers candy pieces. Except I never really knew what was in it, I just knew it was the weirdest one available.
  • In college I was the president of two clubs, one of which was Cheese Lovers United.
  • I’m the oldest of 6 kids.
  • I’ve seen all but three classic Doctor Who episodes (except the ones the BBC taped over, of course).
  • I don’t have any party tricks because I don’t go to parties.
  • I’m very observant and intuitive, and I often just “know” the end result of an action. I once spent 2 minutes with a glass of water in my hands because my brother had been messing around with a candle and I knew by the way the lit candle was leaning that it would eventually fall over onto the tablecloth. It did fall over, and my family all thought I had great reflexes when I immediately doused the flame. I don’t have great reflexes, I just knew by the way the candle was melting and leaning that it would soon fall over. And I was prepared for it. Ok, so that’s not a very interesting example but it’s the first one that came to mind.

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