About this episode

You need to build meaningful and memorable connections with the people you serve.
— Tammy Fink

In this episode, our guest Tammy Fink from Blue Water Designs will be talking about creating memorable connections as an introvert entrepreneur. Tammy Fink, trainer/speaker is a recovering graphic designer who helps online businesses create connections with their memberships, fans, and followers. She owns an award-winning design company, Blue Water Designs & Supply Co. In 2019, she started the Hand Heart Society™, an online space for essential training, advice, and support needed to create deep connections, more engagement, and a loyal tribe.

Tammy also talks about how you, as an introvert, can become visible and how you can put yourself out there in ways that are comfortable to you.

Tammy encourages you to share your voice to reach others. You are the only person that can tell your audience what they need to know. Speak and share your unique voice out into the world.


● Tammy’s introvert superpower
● What showing up looked like for her
● How Tammy got started with graphic design
● Shy vs Reserved
● Being in the center without being uncomfortable
● The other business that Tammy is into aside from graphic design
● The “client first” perspective
● How Tammy relates to her people and how you can too
● Her favorite way of making connections
● How social media, especially Facebook was instrumental in connecting with people of the same interest and has the same introversion as you do
● Hand heart society
● Tammy’s advice to her younger self when she was first starting out in the business world.

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