About this episode

It’s so common for business owners to burnout. So why aren’t we talking about it? Guest Audrey Holst shares all about how to create a burnout-proof business.

Audrey Holst helps people recover from burnout by helping them connect their bodies and minds. Combining over a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness with extensive training and work as a Certified Professional Coach, she teaches her clients how to tap into their natural resilience and agility so they can handle whatever comes their way.


1:15 Audrey’s introvert superpower
6:15 The three signs of burnout
8:50 What is burnout and why does it happen?
13:45 How can you recover from burnout
23:15 How to create a burnout-proof business
26:00 Surround yourself with the people who bring out your best
30:25 Self-care tips for busy business owners