Hey. I know this owning a business thing is stressful, but I got your back.

Your introversion shouldn’t be what’s stoping you from growing your business.

Do you want to spread your knowledge and help others, but are struggling to be seen in a way that feels authentic and not like you’re screaming into the void?

You may feel like you can’t be an introverted leader, but believe me, you can.

I know, because I’ve been using social media for business for a decade (since MySpace), and I’ve built a Facebook page to over 12,000 Likes. And, I run my current brand as my (introverted) self, not like I think an extrovert would run it.

Posting on social media doesn’t have to feel inauthentic or a drain on your energy. It doesn’t have to be done in an “extroverted” way.

During the Visibility Confidence Audit we have a friendly conversation for 90 minutes about your business and your approach to social media, marketing, and selling. Then, I put on my noise-cancelling headphones and type up a two-page (minimum) report with my observations about your business and your mindset, and my opinion (based on working with hundreds of introverts) on what’s holding you back. Plus, you get recommendations on the next step forward.

Perfect for independent introverts who love to work things out for themselves, but needs a bit of outside perspective. I will be asking some deep questions, but I keep our conversation focused and friendly too.

This audit typically helps introverts with topics like:
+ How to show up authentically as yourself online
+ How to create social media posts consistently without feeling like you’re part of the noise
+ Finding your online voice
+ How to feel confident in your skills
+ Having a social media strategy in place instead of winging it and stressing about what to post
+ Discovering what hidden belief patterns are holding you back from creating the business you want

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