MBTI Business Consultation with Thea Orozco

Discover how to build your business around your personality.

Live authentically. Why would you continue to compromise something that’s beautiful to create something that is fake?
-Steve Maraboli

Have you ever felt like you were faking your way through entrepreneurship? Have you ever been disappointed that a business technique which worked amazingly for one person didn’t seem to work for you?

Everyone has a unique personality and set of skills, but much of the business advice out there is one-size fits all. And one size rarely fits anyone.

With an MBTI business consultation we’ll be using one of the most-used personality tool to discover your “true MBTI type.” You’ll be uncovering your personal strengths and weaknesses in business, and increase your self-understanding to help you succeed in business and life.

What is the MBTI?

MBTI stands for the “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.” It’s one of the world’s most popular personality tools, and is used by more than 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

The MBTI is:

An easy way to understand others

With the MBTI you can understand four key aspects of a person’s personality. Using a series of four letters to describe certain aspects of your personality, like INFJ, you’ll have an easy-to-use shortcut to understand yourself and the people important to your business and life, like customers, employees, and family.

Quick and easy to fill out

The online MBTI assessment can be done in the comfort of your own home. It’s a series of 90+ questions, taking roughly 30 minutes to complete.

All about your natural personality

Questions are designed to uncover how you recharge your energy, take in information, come to conclusions, and more.

The Business MBTI Consultations includes the official MBTI assessment, a 2-page report outlining your MBTI type and the unique ways you differ from other people who share your MBTI type.

What happens during the MBTI consultation?

During the MBTI consultation we:

Enhance your self-understanding

In this eye-opening personalized call we explore your personality. Find out about your personal strengths, your time-management approach, work style, areas for development, and more.

Unlock your personality

By uncovering your MBTI type you’ll have greater self-awareness about what works for you and your business so you don’t waste time and energy on business tactics that are draining and leave you feeling unhappy (make sales calls easier).

Your way of doing business

There is no right or wrong personality type, and each personality type can have more ease in their life. Knowing your type can help you make decisions that feel more in alignment with who you are.

A tool for strengthening interpersonal skills

Have you ever looked at your clients, employees, family, or significant other, and thought “Wow, we are such different people!” Unlock key differences between yourself and others. With the concepts learned in this MBTI consultation you’ll have a greater understanding of how your potential customers think, making sales, marketing, and running a business much easier.

This Business MBTI Consultation includes the official online MBTI assessment, a 2-page report outlining your MBTI type and the unique ways you differ from other people who share your MBTI type.

My Approach

Hi! I’m Thea.

For the past seven years I’ve been working with business owners to understand their unique way of doing business because the only way of doing business should be YOUR way of doing business.

I’m a trained life coach and it’s my mission to transform business owners from feeling like their business is a stressful burden to confidently growing their business in ways that feel light and authentic.

Business and marketing coach for introverts

Personalized to you

If you’re new to the MBTI concept you may be interested in the “Introduction to your MBTI Type” call, a great starting off point for understanding YOUR way of doing business.

Or maybe you know a little bit about the MBTI framework, or have taken unofficial personality tests and want to experience the real thing with a certified MBTI practitioner. The Deep Dive MBTI Consultation includes a one-page Personal Action Plan based on your goals.

Introduction to your MBTI Type (60 minutes)

Unlock your personality with a simple way to understand the way you think and act.
This consultation includes access to the official MBTI assessment, a 2-page report outlining your MBTI type, and a 60 minute consultation to go over the results. During the assessment we make sure you have your “true type” (not the type you need to act like at home or work), and we discuss how to use this knowledge to reach your goals.
Why the MBTI? The MBTI is the most used personality test in the world and is used by 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies! You can then use this knowledge to make decisions that will make your business easier to run.


Deep Dive MBTI Consultation (2 hour session)

We each have our own unique personality and strengths that we bring to business. In this consulting package, you get a 2 hour consultation where we discover your true MBTI type (not the type you need to act like at home or work), discuss pitfalls to look out for related to your MBTI type, and how to use your personal strengths in business.

Includes a one-page Personal Action Plan based on your goals for the session (eg. improving time-management, sales, etc). And a 2-page report about your MBTI type, and key differences between you and others who share that type.


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