Are you an ambitious but private introvert?

Did you start your business to make a difference? To have more freedom in your life? To use your talents to make the world a little more productive or a little kinder?

And of course, you started your business to make money too. But somewhere down the road the money part started to take over your life. And you’ve found yourself wondering whether the clients that drain your energy and the 14 hour work days are worth it.

If you live in an extroverted society you might be surrounded by people who value hustling and shouting, not balance and comfort.

And so you take classes and coaching from gurus promising the magic bullet and six figure business. Only to learn that the system they are teaching feels slimy and inauthentic. “Just” create a 30 minute compelling Facebook Live that sells… when you don’t like selfies. Post 16 times a day on Twitter… when you hate the idea of adding to the noise.

And so you either give so much of your energy to the online world only to get little in return. Or you shut it all out, avoid marketing, and just take any client that comes your way.

You’re no longer running your business, it’s running you…

You want a pajama-friendly business that honors your introversion.

Introverts CAN have a fun and successful businesses. Like Marie Forleo, who runs an 8-figure business, and Pat Flynn, who has the very popular Smart Passive Income brand. But sometimes we need help from someone who understands, and who can help us get out of our own way.

Hi! I’m Thea.

I’m a hard-core introvert, and for most of my life I let my inner fears stand in my way.

Back when I was 10 my best friend wanted to open up a lemonade stand one summer afternoon. I wanted nothing to do with it. I was too afraid of bothering the people walking past. What if they asked for their money back??!! What if they got sick and sued!!?? (I was a very paranoid child.)

I wish I could tell Baby Introvert Thea that you CAN make an impact and have a business that feels fun. That you don’t have to hide your personality online, and you also don’t have to turn into an oversharer. That the only ONE way of doing business is YOUR way of doing business.

I’m a trained life coach with a background in storytelling (I majored in Media Studies in college) and marketing (I’ve used social media for business for a decade). For the past 7 years I’ve been evening the playing field between introverts and extroverts. It’s my mission to transform introverted business owners from feeling like their business is a stressful burden to confidently growing their business in ways that feel light and authentic. The world needs our introverts voices, and kind marketers.