It’s time for you to have a business that you love

You want a pajama-friendly business that honors your introversion, but so much of the business advice out there assumes that you’re an extrovert.

“Just” create a 30 minute compelling Facebook Live that sells… when you hate selfies…

Post 4 times a day on Twitter… when you hate the idea of adding to the noise…

Not going to happen. And if it does, you need, like, a 5-hour nap after.

I help you create YOUR dream business. A business that you love. One that feels light and cozy but still interesting and adventurous. One that honors your introversion. One that allows you to be brave and do those Facebook Lives, but in a way that works for you.

Would you like feedback, breathing room, and permission to believe in yourself? To do what scares you so you can get unstuck and grow that business that works for you?

Would you like clarity? An action plan that uses your introverted strengths?

Cool! Because that’s what I do – I help introverts overcome the obstacles that keep their business mmmm feeling fun, easy, and profitable.

Aaand, you don’t have to commit to a 6-month program without knowing if we’re a good fit. Just book a one-hour session, and we’ll work on whatever your most pressing needs are right now.

If you need help with:
❇ Understanding what to sell
❇ Getting out of your own way
❇ A simple action plan
❇ Creating a social media strategy
❇ Overcoming mind-drama like fear of being seen
❇ Overthinking and need a second opinion on decisions you need to make

Here’s what you get:
*Clarity around your business
*Confidence and an action plan on what to do next
*A pre-session worksheet that will give you insights and a jumping off point for us
*A 5+ page PDF of notes made during our session
*The undivided attention of a business coach who specializes in helping introvert business owners and creatives.

About Thea:
Hi! I’m a Business Coach for introverts.

I started my entrepreneurial journey 10 years ago when my family and I started a yarn store. I now use my coaching skills (I’m a trained life coach) to help introverted entrepreneurs and creatives to confidently grow their business in ways that feel light and authentic.