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About this episode

Val Nelson is known as The Black Swan Coach, a mentor for fellow introverted women with big hearts. Women come to her when they are feeling stuck in a personal or professional part of their lives, and they want a coach who understands their introvert needs.She’s been an introvert specialist for nearly 10 years.

Val has written for Huffington Post and has been featured in Psychology Today and Entrepreneur magazine. She has recently taken her introvert advice column to Facebook Live on her Facebook page.


1:55 Val’s super power
5:30 The key to success for introverts
9:30 How passion can help with visibility
11:55 Val’s approach to being visible online and getting customers
14:35 How public’s perception has changed over the past 9 years
Why the depth of connections is more important than an extrovert’s breadth of connections
25:36 The role of Fun in your business
30:00 Why focus groups can be one of the best things for your business