Image of Rebecca and text Creating An Effective Website With Rebecca Inkrote

About this podcast episode

In this episode Rebecca Inkrote and Thea Orozco discuss introversion, creating a business based on a need, and the Dos and Don’ts of creating a website for your business.

Rebecca is a web designer and WordPress consultant. She has focused on WordPress since 2014 and teaches handmade sellers who want to expand beyond Etsy how to create and launch their own ecommerce website.


Highlights of this podcast episode

1:15 Rebecca’s introvert superpower
3:30 How Rebecca found her business niche
6:15 The biggest misconception about web design and creating a business website
9:00 Why many creatives are introverts
10:15 Rebecca’s favorite way of marketing and getting clients
12:00 How to make contacts at in-person events.
12:45 How to choose between Shopify, WordPress, and Squarespace
16:45 What makes an effective website??
18:00 What makes an ineffective website?
20:00 What Rebecca would tell her younger introverted self.