Recurring Revenue through successful memberships with Brittany White-Volks Introverts Talking Business Podcast Episode 66

About this podcast episode

Does it feel like you’re constantly chasing new clients? In this episode of the Introverts Talking Business Podcast, Brittany White-Volks and I talk about how to retain clients and whether the membership model works for all business owners.

Brittany helps overwhelmed business owners retain their customers for the long haul automagically so they can get off the launch roller coaster permanently.

Highlights from this episode

1:15 Brittany’s introvert superpower
2:45 How Brittany tries to get past overthinking
5:00 Why you shouldn’t be trying to get new membership owners before really taking care of your current members.
7:00 Why testimonials and word of mouth matters

  • Acknowledge the reason why your customers exist (appreciate them!)
  • Reward your customers
  • Be a trusted adviser, be in the know
  • Support your customers on *their* journey through affiliate or additional offers.

12:30 Why a membership model might not work for you
18:00 The member success journey
20:00 What your membership content needs to accomplish


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