Streamlining your finances and your life with Nikki Tucker

About this episode

Mom, Finance Professional; Divorce Financial Strategist; Foodie – Nikki Tucker is focused on helping female breadwinners prevent financial ruin during a divorce. She uses her zones of genius – strategy & training – to help women feel confident in their financial security.

In this episode we chat about how her introversion effects her business, common reasons why people ignore their finances, and the three things Nikki asks herself to make her finances and her life easier.


2:30 Nikki’s Introvert Superpower
3:15 Why listening is important when growing a business
6:30 Why taking action while armed with facts is crucial during a financial transition
8:30 Reducing the fear of divorce by realizing it has both an emotional side and a transactional side
12:00 Why many people ignore their finances
15:00 A common financial mistake by small businesses
18:00 Is it ok for business owners to pay themselves first?
21:00 How busy people can make sure they do self-care
24:00 An easy trick for female breadwinners to make life easier for themselves