About this podcast episode

Can you build a successful business while being an empathetic person? In this episode of Introverts Talking Business, Bonnie Treece and I talk about how she doesn’t need to do outbound marketing because she built her business on empathy. First on having empathy with her clients, and then empathy with herself.

Bonnie Treece is the founder of The Brain Domain, an educational services company located in Houston, TX. After founding her company at the age of 23, Bonnie has gone on to build a international brand with almost no marketing, fueled by client testimonials and Bonnie’s innate passion for helping students succeed.


1:45 Bonnie’s superpower of empathy
6:30 Why empathy keeps clients coming back and why they refer friends to The Brain Domain.
8:10 How stepping back from working in the business helped grow the business.
10:45 The dark side of empathy.
11:45How to counteract the drive to always be working.
17:00 Using Empathy in sales calls.
18:45 The importance of empowering employees.
25:30 Why honoring her introvert energy was key to growing her business.
27:00 Advice to her younger introvert self.


E-Myth Revisited

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