About this episode

Things suck right now. And I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement that “suck” is an understatement.

I’ve recently dealt with depression, and it occurred to me that a lot of the coping mechanisms that I learned from that experience are techniques I’m currently using to keep myself positive during this crisis.

In this episode I’m sharing 6 tips for staying strong and positive for all of my fellow introverted business owners out there:

1. Remember that change is constant. We humans are programmed to be resourceful and adaptable.

2. It’s ok to have feelings. Shame of negative feelings can amplify the negative feelings. If you’re having trouble processing your feelings, try talking to someone. Maybe a therapist, or maybe just someone who is a good listener. If you don’t have a good listener in your life, try https://www.hapi.com (I haven’t tried this service, I’ve just heard about it).

3. It’s ok to feel hope. Seeing the positive things in life doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. 

4. Take it one day at a time. We can’t change the past, and we have a limited effect on the future. What’s real is the here and now. 

5. Be inspired by nature. Nature is just taking life one day at a time. 

6. Use tools to bring yourself into the present moment. Create a mantra that helps you concentrate. Or use the 10-5-1 exercise: Name 10 things you see, name 5 things you hear, and name 1 thing you smell.

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