About this episode

In this podcast episode Joyce and I discuss how she approaches getting referrals through LinkedIn and how to start taking care of your business’s finances even though it might scare you.

Named one of the CPA Practice Advisor’s 40 under 40, Joyce M. Washington is a business strategist & virtual CFO who helps small business owners keep more of their profits, pay less in taxes and earn more money through savvy money management.

Highlights of this podcast episode

1:30 Joyce describes her super power of connecting others
2:30 Starting a business after working in corporate
6:00 Asking for referrals in a non-slimy way
8:30 Referral partners can be everywhere.
10:00 Reaching out to new people even if you’re an introvert.
13:00 Using child-like curiosity to create connections.
15:30 This is the biggest money problem small business owners make
18:45 Budget mindset fundamentals
20:00 Why a budget is like a GPS
29:00 Why 90 day budgets are best for beginners.

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