About this podcast episode

Katie Oswald is an introvert, autistic entrepreneur, and founder of Autistic Travel Coach. She uses travel as therapy and has transformed her life from one of isolation to become more confident, independent, and purpose-driven. Katie is passionate about helping other autistic people transform their lives through world travel.

Highlights of this episode

1:15 – Why building deep connections has allowed Katie to grow her Meetup.

5:20 – How her own pain points led her to creating a new non-profit.

7:30 – Why support for autistic adults is crucial.

11:30 – The importance of getting support from someone who won’t try to change you.

12:30 – How Peace Corps changed her life.

16:00  – Katie’s approach to doing what scares her.

17:30 – Why the question “will someone pay for this” is crucial. 

19:00 – The importance of data and analysis when building a business