About this episode

In this episode of Introverts Talking Business I speak with fellow introvert Michelle Warner.

Michelle Warner is an online growth strategist who gets entrepreneurs unstuck. She’s been in digital marketing for 15+ years and has started and grown 2 companies of her own.

When Michelle’s not working she’s swimming with her dog Watson or exploring in and around her beloved Lake Michigan.


1:00 Michelle’s Introvert Superpower
3:00 Intentionally designing your network
4:30 Fundamentals of building your network
7:50 Michelle’s easy daily networking process
14:00 How to find which of the hundreds of marketing strategies will work for your business
16:30 The survivorship bias in business
18:00 The downsides to online courses
21:00 Michelle’s multimillion dollar startup
25:00 Why “product founder fit” is crucial for success