About this episode

Angela Spang is the founder, owner and managing director of Award winning JUNE MEDICAL, an international medical device company operating since 2013, with base in Marlow, United Kingdom. Angela has a broad and long background in international business with medical device, having held internationally focused senior positions with Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Allergan (AGN) and American Medical Systems (END). She also owns and runs a medical education company, focused on training health care professionals on surgical procedures using cadaveric tissue, LONDON MEDICAL EDUCATION ACADEMY.


1:45 Angela’s introverted strengths
9:00 How Angela juggles 4 businesses
10:30 How to approach a work/life balance
12:45 How she set boundaries with an employer around her work/life balance
16:20 Creating an inclusive workplace
18:40 The importance of focusing on your strengths
25:45 How to talk yourself into doing networking