About this episode

Jacob Marek and I chat about what he would have done differently when he first started his business. We also chat about where many people go wrong when it comes to choosing a niche.

Jacob Marek, Founder and Chief Explorer at IntroverTravels, designs life-changing travel experiences for curious introverts in unique places that emphasize nature, culture, and history. He lives, travels, and works abroad half the year as an “Entreprenomad” to experience the destination on a deeper level.

Podcast Episode Highlights

3:50 How Jacob came up with the concept of IntroverTravels
5:50 The role of Risks, Dreams, and Fear
8:00 The importance of a niche
9:15 Sell the sizzle, not the steak
10:00 The goldilocks zone for niches
13:45 The power of elevator speech.
16:00 Do introverts need to always be hustling?
21:00 Picking goals for your business
24:00 We introverts CAN sell in an authentic way