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About this episode

Hannah has trained over 8000 Virtual Assistants and after 10 years of travel, is considered a digital nomad thought leader. She consults privately with female entrepreneurs on systems, strategy & prep to take their business on the road. Hannah is currently planning her first retreat, VA-cation, a no-work, all-play vacay for freelancers & VAs this January.

Hannah is refreshingly direct and honest, and in this episode she dishes out tips on how to be a visible online leader when you really just want to live in a cave, what she thinks of Imposter Syndrome, and a big marketing mistake many introverts are getting wrong.


4:35 – Why she’s herself authentic online
7:50 – Getting comfortable with tooting your own horn as an introvert
9:00 – How she uses the word introvert to motivate her, not hold her back
17:00 – Hannah’s approach to imposter syndrome and fear
25:15 – The best things she’s done to build her business
30:50 – How to deal with Haters
37:00 – A big marketing mistake many introverts are getting wrong
40:30 – Advice to her younger introverted self

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