Hi fellow introverts!
Get the confidence to be seen and sell on Facebook… in 5 days!

Started Monday, November 13th, but you can still jump in and join us until Friday, November 17th at 9am EST!

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Daily Email Training

Everyday I’ll pop-up in your inbox with an adventure exercise, and a gentle nudge to be seen, valued, and heard in our private Facebook group.

Daily Facebook Live Trainings

In addition to daily email training, you’ll also be invited to join me every day at 1pm EST where I’ll be doing a Facebook live for extra trainings. Bring your questions!

Gain confidence by doing, rather than watching

You’ll be doing quick exercises that will strengthen your Facebook-posting skills. Plus some cool tips and tricks I’ve learned from my 10+ years of using social media for business!

Do you avoid posting selfies? Hate the idea of adding to the online noise?

Showing up authentically and confidently is a process, so think of this 5-day free challenge as the start of an adventure into building your profitable online presence. You’ll be kickstarting your journey in a safe place – a private Facebook group with other introverts.

This journey to showing up authentically and confidently online has already started on Monday the 13th, but you can still jump in and join us!

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