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Here I am trying to look like it’s really fun to sit on the grass. I’m a proud introvert. I’m also a life coach. I work with my fellow introverts to tap into their strengths, thrive, and lead a fulfilling life. Introvertology is part of how I live a bigger life. In the past I’ve had many interesting jobs, from personal assistant to a lawyer, to reviewing applications at a study-abroad organization. Jobs that may be perfect for another, but for me were unfulfilling.  Introvertology requires me to grow and push myself. It also allows me to help a community of awesome people. And I love (almost) every minute of it.
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“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.” – Louisa May Alcott



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Take Back Your Downtime!

Know you should be relaxing more, but can’t convince yourself to do it? Take Back Your Downtime is not your typical “time management” course. It’s all about the tips, insights, and techniques to getting more downtime, not how to fill every moment with being productive. Learn more. 

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