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I started Introvertology after talking to two frustrated people on Twitter who had been comparing themselves to others and feeling “less.” It was clear to me that they weren’t less, they were one of the 50% of the US population whose strengths don’t get discussed as often.

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
-Louisa May Alcott


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One-to-one Coaching

Need someone who’s on your side? Who can help you become a less stressed and more successful person (your version of success)? You don’t have to go through life struggling, let’s work on this together.

Group Coaching

Tap into the insights of your fellow introverts while you create a better life for yourself.

Dear Dictionaries, Introvert Does Not Mean Shy

Last year, Introvert, Dear and I started a petition asking four online dictionaries to change their outdated definition of the word introvert. Over 1,500 awesome people signed! But we don’t think that’s enough to get the definitions changed, so we’re asking for your... read more

Multi-day conference tips for introverts

I recently attended a 3-day leadership conference. It was one of those guru/bonding/informative/motivational type of events. It was also a new experience for me. Not only do new experiences (not to mention loud experiences) tend to effect my energy, but in a classic... read more

3 Lessons From My 2 Weeks As An Extrovert Experiment

Now that the holidays are over and life has gotten back to normal I feel like it’s a good time to reflect on some lessons I learned last year, including lessons learned during my extrovert experiment. Last month I spent 2 long weeks bringing out my extroverted side.... read more

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