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Hello my fellow introvert!

My name is Thea.

I help introverted entrepreneurs, visionaries, luminaries, and superheros to create their tribe of supporters and clients online instead of being ignored and wasting time shouting into the internet void.

I know it can be hard to simultaneously want to be in the background and at the same time confidently build a brand that requires us to be visible. But it is possible. For the past ten years I’ve been using social media for businesses, and now I’m on a mission to help my fellow introverts create a thriving social media presence.

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“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
-Louisa May Alcott

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Did you know a few online dictionaries define introvert as shy? I’ve created a petition. Let’s work together to change the definition.

Do you live in Los Angeles? I host an in-person Meetup group, come and join me for some introvert-friendly networking on February 4th.


Two sides to the introverted public speaker

(Guest post by Steffi Black) As a life career and kindness coach I have the honour of speaking to companies on the importance of creating a more caring and committed culture. But it is not a natural inclination of mine to be the centre of attention. I am what is...

The 8 business books to read in 2017

Since I'm an introvert it's probably no surprise that I love reading. And for the past 10 or so years I've had a thing for business books in particular. But... actually prying myself away from work to read has ben a different story lately. The book I start has to be...

Must Introverts Make Our Peace With “Bothering People”?

Guest post by Marcia Yudkin Some years ago, I was stranded at National Airport in Washington, DC. While I was up on a balcony, chatting on the phone to my mother, I saw Teddy Kennedy stride by below, on the way to a flight. “Go talk to him,” urged my mother. “Come on,...

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