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In today’s world we have access to amazing new technologies, but there are still technologies from the past, like letter writing, which can help us in our business.

History fanatic Liz Russell tells us how letter writing can open the door to better business communication.

Liz Russell creates online content intended to help people navigate a healthy and happy life at home and at work. Her work focuses on the premise that the past carried many charms and delights that have been unintentionally lost throughout the ages.

With a minor in history and a love for reading, Liz is really a researcher at heart – a critical thinker who believes that there is so much to learn from the past if you just look deeply enough.

Through the Was Is Could Be podcast, Liz challenges listeners to find the joy in things past and present, so that they can live meaningful, intentional lives. Each episode explores an aspect of life in the past and asks – what would we gain if we still did this today?

Liz brings 8 years of experience in training development, video production, and event production to this latest and most personal project. She has a Master’s degree in Management and a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a minor in History, and serves on the Historic Preservation Commission in her local community.

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About this Introverts Talking Business podcast episode

:45 Liz’s introvert superpower
2:50 The power of learning from the past
7:00 The importance of context in business communication
9:30 The power of empathy in business communication
11:00 Taking the micro and macro view of the person you’re communicating with
14:00 The power of hand-written letters
20:00 Letter-writing etiquette rules that have changed
26:30 Why the experience of the recipient is the most important aspect of communication
32:00 A useful lesson about in-person conversations from the past